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TrenoBLU, steam trains and nature
trenoblu train
TrenoBLU, steam trains and nature

Discover the natural beauties of northern Italy through a dedicated steam train from Bergamo to the Iseo Lake.

trenoblu iseo

TrenoBLU is a project that takes place between Bergamo and Brescia, on the railway line that connects Palazzolo and Paratico Sarnico. This initiative involves steam trains or trains of historic significance, for an amazing journey along the Oglio River, at the end of which you’ll find yourself on the Iseo Lake, one of the most outstanding natural beauty of Italy, with the lush green mountains of the Val Camonica surrounding the crystal clear lake.
There are several medieval towns around the lake, the largest being Iseo and Sarnico. These are filled with bars, shops, cafes, hotels, B&B’s and several campsites running alongside the lake shore. The Franciacorta wine region, just minutes away from the lake produces some of the worlds finest sparkling wines. The road north to Switzerland used to run along the side of the lake, and stories about entire families being swallowed up by the murky waters abound. A much safer road, carved into the side of the mountains, now exists.

trenoblu train iseo lake

The touristic trains of the TrenoBLU project are organized almost every Sunday from June to September. The trains that you’ll use are steam trains, characterized by the famous locomotive “Signorina”, which means “Young Lady”, while the wagons are called “Centoporte”, literally “Hundred Doors”. These are trains of historic importance, becasue they are dated back in the 1930s, so you’ll find wooden seats and other vintage characteristics.
The landscape is characterized by agricultural activities where the thick water network, often marked by scrub strips and tree rows developing along the plains surrounding the river, interrupts the ordered sequence of cultivated fields.

The TrenoBLU project is also the perfect way to get to the popular artwork from Christo, “The Floating Piers”. About a half a million people are expected for the occasion, which coincides with the last two days of the Art Basel, only 400km away.

trenoblu iseo lake

Best dates of the TrenoBLU project

  • Sunday, 1st of May 2016: Palazzolo, Paratico and the Iseo Lake (steam trains from Milan, Monza and Bergamo)
  • Sunday, 15th of May 2016: Spring Festival on the Lake (steam trains from Milan, Monza and Bergamo)
  • Saturday, 18th 25th of June and 2nd of July 2016: “The Floating Piers”, walking on water in the Iseo Lake (historic train from Milan, Treviglio and Bergamo)

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