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The Chocolate Fair is back in Bergamo
bergamo 2016 chocolate fair
The Chocolate Fair is back in Bergamo

If you want to indulge your inner chocoholic and spend a day in the city centre without the traffic to disturb you, come to the Chocolate Fair in Bergamo. You’ll find endless qualities of chocolate, and hand-made products that will will definitely get your mouth watering.

chocolate fair bergamo 2016

From Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 January (9.00 to 20.00), the Sentierone will host the best Italian master chocolatiers: From Verona to Turin, from Perugia to Campobasso, there will be many Italian cities represented at the fair, with their sweet traditions. For the first time the fair will have a special guest: the popular baker Domenico Spadafora. Spadafora will give two free courses in Dante square. The courses are only for 20 people and you have to book them on Friday 29 and saturday 30 at 10.30 will take place the course on the preparation of a dessert, while at 16.30 the course will be about chocolate pralines and sensory analysis of three different qualities of chocolate.
Along with the Chocolate Fair, the city centre will be closed to traffic from 10.00 to 19.00, and you’ll be able to safely walk in the beautiful streets of Bergamo. The last year this fair had twenty thousands of people visiting the stands and the local shops.

bergamo chocolate fair 2016

The stands will provide for an enormous assortment of fresh and hand-made products, from the traditional chocolate bars to the delicate pralines. We promise that you won’t be disappointed in the fair, there will be something for everyone’s taste. And, joining the richness of the stands, there will be also many events, from the opening of Thursday, with the preparation of a twenty meters long chocolate bar that will be given for free to the audience for a great snack. Saturday night there will be the “Black Night”, and the stands will be open till 23.00, for a night in the name of chocolate. Then, during Sunday, a sculptor will obtain a statue from a 25 pounds chocolate block.

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