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San Pellegrino, thermal baths and art nouveau
san pellegrino terme bergamo
San Pellegrino, thermal baths and art nouveau

They say that San Pellegrino Terme is the gem of the Brembana Valley, and it is, indeed! You’ll find the art nouveau palaces and the historical spa with the thermal baths.

san pellegrino bergamo

San Pellegrino Terme is a locality situated at 350 meters above sea level in the Brembana Valley. The small town boasts numerous Liberty style buildings dating back to the beginning of the XX century. Among the most famous, the Grand Hotel and the Gran Casinò, which hosts interesting cultural events. Many recreational activities can be practiced, like miniature golf, grass ski, tennis, swimming pool and skeet shooting. Who loves the excursions can go for a walk in the mountains (Pizzo Cerro, Sant’Antonio Abbandonato, Monte Sornadello, Monte Gioco and Monte Zucco) with itineraries at a height between 1,000 and 1,600 meters.

The Thermal Baths were built in 1840 and turned a small village of the valley into an outstanding holiday resort for the wealthy international middle class. The health spa was enlarged at the end of the XIX Century with some buildings in art nouveau style, called “Liberty”, the artistic trend featuring curve lines and arabesques. In just a few years, this art movement captivated the whole village of San Pellegrino, enriching it with some of the finest examples of Liberty style, including the majestic Casino, the Grand Hotel and the water bottling factory. Most of these buildings can still be visited; some of them have been recently restored and opened back to the public. The Spa, for instance, now belongs to an elegant wellness centre combining the Liberty architecture with a contemporary and elegant design.

san pellegrino terme

Famous all over the world for the quality of its mineral water, the locality of San Pellegrino represent one of the Italian excellence in terms of thermal cures, being able to give the benefits produced by the famous local water resources in likewise uses direct to the solution of ancient pathologies of the organism. The centre is specialized in mineral water treatments. Various treatments are available including inhalations, massages, endotympanic insufflations, rehabilitation and pulmonary ventilation, balneotherapy, muds therapy and hydro-massages. In the charming of a timeless setting, you will find cozy relaxing lounges inspired by natural wonders and history of the Brembana Valley.

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