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Al Carroponte – The best Italian bistrot is in Bergamo

Al Carroponte is a culinary reality born two years ago in the city of Bergamo that has already gathered many awards. After only two years from the opening, the eno-bistrot has won the title of Best Bistrot of the Year, given by Gambero Rosso, the most important Italian food and wine magazine and publishing group. The name Carroponte is Italian for a special type of crane used in the building before it was renovated and adapted. This little crane is still there, but it has a different function now, as it has Pata Negra hams hanged on it. This is the perfect example to explain the owners’ philosophy of merging tradition and innovation together, developing a characteristic structure considered unique and special. The wine bar is both careful about all the typical traditions of the past and about all the details, making the experience incredible. The owner, Oscar Mazzoleni, said  “This award isn’t only a great achievement, it’s also a new starting point”. Considering that  Al Carroponte was opened only 2 years ago, the whole staff knows that what makes the difference is hard work and attention to everyone’s needs.  A few days before, the bistrot also won another award, […]

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Aurora: the app that all tourists need

Have you ever used a guidebook to visit a city? Have you ever looked up on your phone  how to get somewhere or what to see? Now you can do that in the easiest way possible thanks to Aurora! Well, in Bergamo at least. There’s a new app that helps tourists to know everything they need to know about our city. It’s called Aurora, and it works as a digital compass, another step for the digitalization of our wonderful city. This app gives to the user information related to the place in which he is, both of cultural, historic and economic value.  For example, you could get the menu of different restaurants near you, or the best things to do and see nearby. The app works with proximity technology, which interact with all the devices within a range of 50 meters. Thanks to this technology you can see multimedia content related to the structures that installed this device, like shops, museums, theaters, restaurants, etc. This app is a really innovative way to communicate with the people and to promote one’s own activity or the city’s cultural events. Considering also that BergamoWiFi, the free WiFi service in Bergamo, is spreading in […]

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TrenoBLU, steam trains and nature

Discover the natural beauties of northern Italy through a dedicated steam train from Bergamo to the Iseo Lake. TrenoBLU is a project that takes place between Bergamo and Brescia, on the railway line that connects Palazzolo and Paratico Sarnico. This initiative involves steam trains or trains of historic significance, for an amazing journey along the Oglio River, at the end of which you’ll find yourself on the Iseo Lake, one of the most outstanding natural beauty of Italy, with the lush green mountains of the Val Camonica surrounding the crystal clear lake. There are several medieval towns around the lake, the largest being Iseo and Sarnico. These are filled with bars, shops, cafes, hotels, B&B’s and several campsites running alongside the lake shore. The Franciacorta wine region, just minutes away from the lake produces some of the worlds finest sparkling wines. The road north to Switzerland used to run along the side of the lake, and stories about entire families being swallowed up by the murky waters abound. A much safer road, carved into the side of the mountains, now exists. The touristic trains of the TrenoBLU project are organized almost every Sunday from June to September. The trains that […]

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The Floating Piers in Lake Iseo

The Floating Piers is an art project that will take place for 16 days starting June 18, on Italy’s tiny Lake Iseo. The public will be able to walk for nearly two miles on water, thanks to 200,000 floatable cubes covered in glittering, dahlia-yellow fabric fashioned from tightly woven nylon. Lake Iseo is perhaps the least known of Italy’s northern lakes, an idyllic spot with two small islands not yet overrun with tourists (unlike Lake Como, known for celebrity residents like George Clooney and Robert Pattinson). To Christo, Lake Iseo also offers a storybook landscape. “It has beautiful small villages and houses and churches and Roman ruins. To go to the mainland, residents go by traghetto,” he said, using the Italian word for a small boat or ferry. “The Floating Piers ” will connect the islands to each other and to the mainland. “You will be able to walk the entire area,” Christo explained. The project will also be visible from the surrounding mountains. As the light changes throughout the day, the view of the piers will change, too, from deep yellow to shimmering gold to a reddish hue when wet. Mr. Celant, the project director of the Floating Piers […]

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Earth Market Bergamo

Starting from the 9th of April, the Eart Market will arrive in the centre of Bergamo. This initiative is promoted by Slow Food and takes place in 21 different cities only in Italy. The goal of this particular type of market is to promote the education towards food and food production. But what does the Earth Market have to offer?   You’ll find every category of agricultural product: fruit, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, pastries, meat, honey, fish, beer and wine. Moreover, this market doesn’t only provide excellent local products, but gives you the possibility to eat what you buy and the street food on the tables given by the market itself. The market is an opportunity to promote a type of alimentation that is more conscious and gives the priority to local products. This initiative is very crucial because it shows how important the relation with our territory is. Instead of buying food in supermarkets without knowing where it comes from and how it was made, you get to know personally the producers. The Earth Market isn’t just a place for buying and selling, it’s also a platform for events and workshops. There will be a special collaboration with the […]

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San Pellegrino, thermal baths and art nouveau

They say that San Pellegrino Terme is the gem of the Brembana Valley, and it is, indeed! You’ll find the art nouveau palaces and the historical spa with the thermal baths. San Pellegrino Terme is a locality situated at 350 meters above sea level in the Brembana Valley. The small town boasts numerous Liberty style buildings dating back to the beginning of the XX century. Among the most famous, the Grand Hotel and the Gran Casinò, which hosts interesting cultural events. Many recreational activities can be practiced, like miniature golf, grass ski, tennis, swimming pool and skeet shooting. Who loves the excursions can go for a walk in the mountains (Pizzo Cerro, Sant’Antonio Abbandonato, Monte Sornadello, Monte Gioco and Monte Zucco) with itineraries at a height between 1,000 and 1,600 meters. The Thermal Baths were built in 1840 and turned a small village of the valley into an outstanding holiday resort for the wealthy international middle class. The health spa was enlarged at the end of the XIX Century with some buildings in art nouveau style, called “Liberty”, the artistic trend featuring curve lines and arabesques. In just a few years, this art movement captivated the whole village of San […]

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Bergamo Film Meeting 2016

With its 34th Edition, which will take place from the 5th to the 13th of March 2016, the Bergamo Film Meeting offers a rich and eclectic program which confirms the continuing effort of the Festival to explore and create connections between the most innovative trends in contemporary cinema and styles, genres and authors from the past. For nine days, with over 140 films Bergamo Film Meeting will be the crossroads of international cinema, featuring guests, meetings, special events, exhibitions, workshops, master classes, guided screenings for schools and kids, and many other initiatives which – thanks to the contribution of partners and institutions – will allow the audience to explore the endless contaminations between movies, the arts, literature, music and comics. Bergamo Film Meeting – The Association Bergamo Film Meeting Association, the Festival’s organizational structure, was born in 1983. The Association supports and promotes the distribution of films and documentaries of national and international production in the theatre and cineclub cultural circuit. It participates in the re-edition and promotion of film classics; all-year-round it organises film festivals, retrospectives, cultural events, labs and workshops, book publications, etc. The Association is linked to many cultural institutions, with which it shares prestigious collaboration projects. […]

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McGinley and Johnson at GAMEC, first time in Italy

The modern and contemporary art gallery of Bergamo will be the home for two of the most important exhibitions of Italy: “The Four Seasons” by Ryan McGinley and “Reasons” by Rashid Johnson. McGinley’s “The Four Seasons” unites “Fall” and “Winter” with “Spring” and “Summer” in a single display. This exhibition marks the New York-based photographer’s first solo show in Italy as GAMeC highlights McGinley’s signature juxtapositions of nude figures and beautiful landscapes. McGinley is considered one of the most important contemporary artists, so influential that the Whitney Museum and MoMA P.S.1 in New York devoted a solo exhibition to him in 2003 and 2004, respectively. In 2007 he received the Young Photographer Infinity Award from the prestigious International Center of Photography in New York. He grew up in New Jersey and then moved to New York’s East Village, becoming part of the irrepressible underground community of graffiti artists, skateboarders and artists. He captured this group of young people in their excesses and restless lifestyle, making them the main subject of his work, which culminated with his first publication, The Kids Are Alright (1999). As the exhibition curator Stefano Raimondi explains, the exhibition structure “moves to the musical rhythm of Vivaldi’s […]

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The Chocolate Fair is back in Bergamo

If you want to indulge your inner chocoholic and spend a day in the city centre without the traffic to disturb you, come to the Chocolate Fair in Bergamo. You’ll find endless qualities of chocolate, and hand-made products that will will definitely get your mouth watering. From Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 January (9.00 to 20.00), the Sentierone will host the best Italian master chocolatiers: From Verona to Turin, from Perugia to Campobasso, there will be many Italian cities represented at the fair, with their sweet traditions. For the first time the fair will have a special guest: the popular baker Domenico Spadafora. Spadafora will give two free courses in Dante square. The courses are only for 20 people and you have to book them on Friday 29 and saturday 30 at 10.30 will take place the course on the preparation of a dessert, while at 16.30 the course will be about chocolate pralines and sensory analysis of three different qualities of chocolate. Along with the Chocolate Fair, the city centre will be closed to traffic from 10.00 to 19.00, and you’ll be able to safely walk in the beautiful streets of Bergamo. The last year this fair had […]

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The Bergamo Venetian walls could become a UNESCO Site

Mileage walls, garland stone, precious ring, the walls have always been the symbol of Bergamo, and now they’ve been included in the Proposal List of the UNESCO World Heritage, along with many other defensive structures in Italy, Croatia and Montenegro. The proposed heritage is called “The Venetian works of defence between 15th and 17th centuries”. The list comprehends the fortified city of Bergamo, the defensive system of Peschiera del Garda, the city fortress of Palmanova and the defensive system of the Venetian Lagoon, including the Fort of Sant’Andrea, the Fortified Octagons and the Fort of San Felice. The site extends for more than 1.000 km from the Pre Alps of Lombardy to the Eastern coast of the Adriatic, in the area between the western outpost (Bergamo, Italy) and the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro). Between the Stato di Terra (State of Land: Lombard-Venetian) and the Stato di Mare (State of Sea: Croatia, Montenegro), this unique and ancient enclave bears nowadays significant examples of the Venetian fortifications, important testimony of the interaction among peoples and, more in general, of the culture expressed by Venice in the world. A milestone in the history of Bergamo was its incorporation into the Venetian State in […]

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