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Earth Market Bergamo
bergamo earth market
Earth Market Bergamo

Starting from the 9th of April, the Eart Market will arrive in the centre of Bergamo. This initiative is promoted by Slow Food and takes place in 21 different cities only in Italy. The goal of this particular type of market is to promote the education towards food and food production. But what does the Earth Market have to offer?


You’ll find every category of agricultural product: fruit, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, pastries, meat, honey, fish, beer and wine. Moreover, this market doesn’t only provide excellent local products, but gives you the possibility to eat what you buy and the street food on the tables given by the market itself. The market is an opportunity to promote a type of alimentation that is more conscious and gives the priority to local products. This initiative is very crucial because it shows how important the relation with our territory is. Instead of buying food in supermarkets without knowing where it comes from and how it was made, you get to know personally the producers.

The Earth Market isn’t just a place for buying and selling, it’s also a platform for events and workshops. There will be a special collaboration with the Domus, which is an association that has already an existing kitchen in the square. The kitchen was placed as part of Bergamo’s program for EXPO 2015, in Milan. Now it will work as a “kitchen”, in which there will be workshops organized by Slow Food.

earth market bergamo

The Earth Market will take place in Piazza Dante, a square in the city centre, next to Porta Nuova and two minutes on foot from Upper Town. The market will be open every second and fourth Saturday of the month, from 9 am to 2 pm. In addition to this market, another association, the Parco dei Colli, will organize another market in alternation to the one in the centre. In Valmarina, a green valley just outside of the city, there’ll be a market, specialized in fruit and vegetables, every first and third Saturday of the month.

These projects are part of a bigger plan in preparation of the important meeting of the 2017. In fact, Bergamo will be the leader of the European Gastronomic Region.

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