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Al Carroponte – The best Italian bistrot is in Bergamo
fleur de lis bergamo al carroponte
Al Carroponte – The best Italian bistrot is in Bergamo

Al Carroponte is a culinary reality born two years ago in the city of Bergamo that has already gathered many awards. After only two years from the opening, the eno-bistrot has won the title of Best Bistrot of the Year, given by Gambero Rosso, the most important Italian food and wine magazine and publishing group.

carroponte restaurant bergamo
The name Carroponte is Italian for a special type of crane used in the building before it was renovated and adapted. This little crane is still there, but it has a different function now, as it has Pata Negra hams hanged on it. This is the perfect example to explain the owners’ philosophy of merging tradition and innovation together, developing a characteristic structure considered unique and special. The wine bar is both careful about all the typical traditions of the past and about all the details, making the experience incredible.

carroponte bistrot bergamo
The owner, Oscar Mazzoleni, said  “This award isn’t only a great achievement, it’s also a new starting point”. Considering that  Al Carroponte was opened only 2 years ago, the whole staff knows that what makes the difference is hard work and attention to everyone’s needs.  A few days before, the bistrot also won another award, Vite Colte, given by the guide of L’Espresso. All of this recognition isn’t just an honour for the owner and his employees, it’s also a privilege for the whole city of Bergamo.

carroponte fleur de lis bergamo
But this eno-bistrot isn’t just pretty, it also offers some of the best qualities of different wines, along with many dishes, appetizers and even desserts to choose from. The owner chose the assortment of wines thanks to his experience and knowledge of the oenological sector. As a result, the bistrot can offer 450 different wines, all different from each other. The wine bar doesn’t only serve, the staff is prepared to suggest which wine would be the best for any particular occasion. Alongside with the wine, the food is no less important. You can choose from Calvius caviar, Pata Negra, foie gras, local meat and dairy products and so much more. The restaurant offers many prelibacies that you can match with the perfect wine.
In conclusion, if you’re visiting Bergamo, we recommend a dinner at Al Carroponte, then you’ll truly understand the reasons behind these major awards.

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