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Aurora: the app that all tourists need
aurora fleur de lis bergamo
Aurora: the app that all tourists need

Have you ever used a guidebook to visit a city? Have you ever looked up on your phone  how to get somewhere or what to see? Now you can do that in the easiest way possible thanks to Aurora! Well, in Bergamo at least.

aurora app bergamo

There’s a new app that helps tourists to know everything they need to know about our city. It’s called Aurora, and it works as a digital compass, another step for the digitalization of our wonderful city. This app gives to the user information related to the place in which he is, both of cultural, historic and economic value.  For example, you could get the menu of different restaurants near you, or the best things to do and see nearby. The app works with proximity technology, which interact with all the devices within a range of 50 meters. Thanks to this technology you can see multimedia content related to the structures that installed this device, like shops, museums, theaters, restaurants, etc. This app is a really innovative way to communicate with the people and to promote one’s own activity or the city’s cultural events. Considering also that BergamoWiFi, the free WiFi service in Bergamo, is spreading in many areas of the city.

aurora fleur de lis

The most visited places on the app are:  Piazza Vecchia, Piazza Duomo, Cittadella, Rocca, Torre del Gombito, Sant’Agostino, Palazzo Terzi and San Vigilio, via Sant’Alessandro, via Pignolo, piazza della Libertà and piazza Pontida. Aurora is also connected with many hotels, bed&breakfast, spa and cultural poles. Recently the app reached Bergamo Hospital, making possible to get information on how to get to a particular area or how long the line is.

Aurora was born in January 2016, thanks to Matteo Bassotto and Mattia Vitali, both from Bergamo, with help from Paolo Morandi, Luca Papagni and Nicolas Beltran. Now the app has a community of more than a thousand of users.
However, although the app is very handy for tourists, the long term purpose is to highlight the best cultural and economic points of interest, to promote economy and  tourism in Bergamo. We hope that this format will find its place in other cities, but in the mean-time we invite you to discover Bergamo’s cultural attractions and finest restaurants.

Aurora is available for free, you can download it on the App Store or on Google Play. For more informations about the app, visit Theklab.

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